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Muntinlupa postal code?

  Location     ZIP Code   / Ayala Alabang Subd. 1780 / Bayanan/Putatan 1772 / Bule/Cupang 1771 / Muntinlupa CPO 1770 / Pearl Heights 1775 / Pleasant Villag (MORE)

What is the postal code for a zune account?

i live for iran i need to postal code for zune account help :(
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Postal code in cavite Philippines?

  Cavite   * 4133: Bailen  * 4123: Alfonso  * 4119: Amadeo  * 4102: Bacoor  * 4116: Carmona  * 4100: Cavite City  * 4101: Sangley Point Naval Base  * 4125: Cor (MORE)

What is the postal code for Meru?

Postal Code: 60200   Town: Meru   Nearest Town: Meru
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Postal code of UAE?

The UAE, or United Arab Emirates, does not have a postal code that  covers the country. There are no street deliveries of mail, so  everyone has a post office box number.

What is postal code of Kitui Town?

Kitui postal code is 90200. Get all postal codes for Kenya located in the "Sources and Related Links section".
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What is the postal code of Vientiane?

  According to the survey from Mekong River Commision (MRC) in 2004, Vientiane (Capital City of Lao P.D.R) official postal code is 01000 and that's how they put it for all (MORE)

UK London postal code?

London has thousands of different post codes according to whichever part of London you are writing to. Each group of about 10 houses has its own post code and in the case of a (MORE)