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Why is the cerebrum the largest region of the brain?

The cerebrum is the largest area of the human brain (accounting for about 80% of the brains mass) because it is the region of the brain that controls the different aspects of (MORE)

Where is the subcortical region of the brain?

  Cortical is a word referring to the cortex, so the subcortical region of the brain is literally 'anything beneath the cortex'; but, since the brain isn't arranged in fla (MORE)

Why is the human brain important to the human body?

Why is it important? it's the reason you were able to even ask this question. The brain in the human body controls your movements, personality, heart rate, thoughts, emotion (MORE)
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What are the main parts of the human brain?

One answer is: Forebrain, Midbrain, and Hindbrain. Another is: Cerebrum, Cerebellum, Brainstem. The first is more technically correct, in part because it includes the second (MORE)

Is a frog brain smaller then a human brain?

If you are thinking about chimpanzees and dolphins, they have larger brains because dolphins cant move their eyes and chimpanzees have brains that are smaller, they just use i (MORE)

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