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What is the difference between lecturer of English and lecturer in English?

Lecturer of English is one who lectures on English topics like, literature and one who is an expert in English itself as a subject. Lecturer in English is one who speaks on di (MORE)

Is Socrates Dokos a university lecturer?

Yes he is. Socrates Dokos is Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering at the University of New South Wales. His research has focused on the electr (MORE)

How do you get more out of lectures?

the best thing to learn more during a lecture: Please read the subject or topic [even if you dont understand] for which you know the professor is going to take a lecture. by d (MORE)

How do you introduce myself in a lecturer interview?

first of all i like to express thankyou for giving me an opportunity to introduce my name is--------.i am qualification family consists of- (MORE)

What is lecture method?

The lecture method is a teaching method, in fact the teaching method most often found in universities today. It bases itself upon the transmissive teaching model, in brief ter (MORE)

How do you learn from lectures?

  If you want to learn from lectures, 1. Pay attention 2. Take notes to study later 3. If you are having trouble paying attention during a lecture bring a mini tape re (MORE)

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What movie and television projects has Douglas Reith been in?

Douglas Reith has: Performed in "BBC2 Playhouse" in 1974. Played Sergeant Downs in "Rumpole of the Bailey" in 1978. Played Howard in "International Velvet" in 1978. Played Bel (MORE)