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How does religion differ from spirituality?

Religion is a formalized organization that teaches specific  doctrine/dogma. Spirituality is a belief in a Higher Being that  comes from within (the soul) regardless of whic (MORE)

What religion is the most spiritual?

This question is difficult to answer, because religions across the  world see spirituality in such different ways. Some religions,  however, put more emphasis on personal sp (MORE)

List of features of a traditional database?

Answer Broadly speaking, a relational database is one that can be accessed by any of the datum items within the database, or things RELATED to them. For example, a telephone (MORE)

What is the history of African traditional religions?

African traditional religions had different ways of worshiping.  Some religions worshiped trees while others mountains. They  believed in one ultimate unseen god whom differ (MORE)

What is Japan's traditional religion?

The traditional religions are: Shinto and Buddhism. Japan also has Shrines dedicated to spirits. Christianity is on the rise, it was only one percent of the population. From (MORE)

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Is spirituality and religion one and the same?

No.   Spirituality is an extensive concept with room for many  perspectives. In general, it includes a belief in a spirit world  and a sense of something bigger than our (MORE)