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How many roman emperors were assassinated?

It's hard to know exactly but we have a pretty good idea. These numbers could be off by two or three in each category and some emperors deaths are unclear. I will do the sho (MORE)

What were the responsibilities of a Roman emperor?

Being emperor or head of state carried many responsibilities, but the main responsibility was to see that the empire prospered or at least survived. Emperors had the job of (MORE)

Which Roman emperor did Paul appeal to?

  In Acts of the Apostles, Paul appealed to the Roman emperor against the unjust demands of the Jews. The emperor would have been Nero (54-68 CE).
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Who were the roman emperors?

The first Roman emperor was Augustus. The title of Roman Emperor , although in some ways a modernconcept, effectively summarises the position held by thoseindividuals who wie (MORE)

The chronological list of the Emperors of Western Roman Empire?

The Chronology of the Roman Emperors until the Fall of Rome in AD 476 later emperors (for example Constantius) are placed on the chronology on becoming Augusti, not on their (MORE)

Who was the Roman emperor in 79 ad?

The Roman emperor in 79 Ad was Vespasian. In 79 AD CE the Roman emperor was Vespasian.
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What are the names of the emperors of the Roman empire?

Augustus (27 BC - AD 14) Tiberius (14 - 37)Gaius Caligula (37 - 41)Claudius (41 - 54)Nero (54 - 68)Galba (68 - 69)Otho (69)Vitellius (69) Flavian DynastyVespasian (69 - 79)Ti (MORE)

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What did the roman emperor Trajan do that was bad for the Romans?

There was not anything  that Trajan did that was bad for the Romans. Trajan was a highly  phrased emperor and all ancient sources had a positive view of him.  He was descri (MORE)