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What are the list of highly specialized games?

  right now on thq the highest game rated by their fan club is smack down vs. raw 2009. and for midway games tna impact. wrestling games are getting high rates because t (MORE)

What are a list of the games on Nintendo Wii?

Go to the Wii Online Shop, you will See every Game, but here are some very good titles (keep in mind, this isn't even half) Games for WII- Rating (Some out already, some comi (MORE)

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How much is a sega game gear worth?

  I found a site that sells them for $35, so probably somewhere around there.
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Will sega stop making sonic games?

Not that I'm sure of they might in like many years like if your 12 13 somthing like that they might stop making him when your like 40 to 50 and the reason why is because sonic (MORE)
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When was the Sega Game Gear released?

The Sega Game Gear was released in Japan on October 6, 1990. It is much better than the Game Boy, but it could not keep up with it. It was succeed by the Sega Nomad in 1995.
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