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What role parent should play in overseeing their child's involvement in social networking website?

Parents should consider a child's maturity before allowing the  child to have social media accounts. The parents should limit the  amount of time the child spends on social (MORE)
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What are social networks for?

Those days are gone when social networking  sites were only used to chat with friends, update your status and  share your images. Now the websites like Facebook, Twitter,  (MORE)

What is the purpose of social networking sites?

Social networking sites are not only for you to communicate or interact with other people globally but, this is also one effective way for business promotion. A lot of busines (MORE)

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What is social networking?

Social Networking is the method of connecting with different business organization or your targeted finish users either face to face or on-line. As so much as business selling (MORE)

Which website does a network performance test?

If you're internet speed is slow the recommended course of action is to use an online network performance test. The internet speed tests gauge whether you are getting the ban (MORE)

I'm testing out a mini social network type website how can I use php HTML or java script for other people to post images to their profile on my website?

Yes, you can allow file uploads to your site.   Add the file input to a form like this:      Select image to upload:             Make su (MORE)