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What good social networking sites are there?

Creating your own business blog on Facebook  helps, also great sites to share your links to own own works, is  Raverly, Crochetville, Hookey, Pinterest also use social netwo (MORE)
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Is Tumblr a social networking site?

Tumblr is a microblogging website, meaning that users typically share small bits of media or information like sentences, pictures, or short videos. Tumblr is also generally co (MORE)

What is the social networking tools?

According to Wikipedia, a social network is "an online service, platform, or site that focuses on facilitating the building of social networks or social relations among people (MORE)

Who is the founder of Facebook the No1 social networking website in India?

An American Mark Zuccerberg but its not just in India in USA, UK, Ireland literally the biggest in the world making over 5 billion pounds every year
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What is the purpose of social networking sites?

Social networking sites are not only for you to communicate or interact with other people globally but, this is also one effective way for business promotion. A lot of busines (MORE)

What is social networking?

Social Networking is the method of connecting with different business organization or your targeted finish users either face to face or on-line. As so much as business selling (MORE)

When did the social network sites start?

I think Facebook in 2004, twitter 2006, Myspace 2003, and LinkedIn  2002. However the origination of these social networking sites lies  on the concept of online communicati (MORE)

Which website does a network performance test?

If you're internet speed is slow the recommended course of action is to use an online network performance test. The internet speed tests gauge whether you are getting the ban (MORE)