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Is figure skating a challenging sport?

Definitely!! Figure skaters require the speed of a speed skater, strength of a hockey player, flexibility and balance of a gymnast, and grace of a ballerina. And while doing a (MORE)

Is figure skating an extreme sport?

Yes, well its practically an extreme sport because its in the Olympics. Extreme sports are high in action, adventure and danger. The sense of fear and excitement gets the adr (MORE)

Why is figure skating a dangerous sport?

Figure skating is a dangerous sport because you have to twirl and jump in shoes with sharp blades, on slippery ice. When you jump and land, if you land on the wrong side of yo (MORE)

Can you give a list of figures of speech?

The use of figures of speech in the language reveals the plasticity and adds beauty and meaning to the language. Given here is a figures of speech list, which are easy to lear (MORE)
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What is a list of sports from A to Z?

· Adventure · Archery · Athletics · AFL · Badminton · Baseball · Basketball · Boxing · Canoe/Kayak · Cricket · Cycling · Disc Sports · Div (MORE)
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Who is the highest paid sports figure?

Answer . Tiger Woods makes more than anyone. He doesn't even have to win to make money. He has many sponsers, and we are not even talking about the PGA retirement package yet (MORE)

List of Australian sports?

Sports Played in Australia: Rugby, Cricket, Golf, Soccer, Rowing, Sailing, Cycling, Martial Arts, Bowls, Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Spear Fishing, Australian Rules Fo (MORE)