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What is a list of cartoon characters from A to Z?

Aquaman   Brian Griffin   Cleveland Brown   Droopy Dog   Elmer Fudd   Fred Flintstones   George of the Jungle   Hank Hill   Iceman   J'onn (MORE)

Why are you in love with a fictional character?

This is because you see this character alot on tv or at stores and  you start creating a bond with that fitional character. Soon you'll  end up falling in love with that cha (MORE)

List of characters in dragon rider?

appearing dragonriders are: Eragon - Saphira Brom (dragon died before book 1) - Saphira Murtagh - Thorn Oromis - Glaedr Galbatorix - Shruikan there are also some o (MORE)

Why am I in love wih a cartoon character?

The reason why you are in love with this character is because, you suffer from a rare disorder known as Cartoonis Lovis. Basically, you have a love for animated charactures. T (MORE)
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What does the anime To Love-Ru mean?

To Love-Ru's title is a word play. It means "To Love You" and when  pronounced in Japanese it sounds like the word "trouble"  (to-ra-bu-ru).
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What were the Names of the Love Boat characters?

Merrill Stubing - Ships Captain - Played by Gavin MacLeod    Dr. Adam "Doc" Bricker - Ship's Doctor - Played by - Bernie Kopell    "Burl Gopher" Smith - Yeoman P (MORE)

List of fictional characters?

Sharks in Mythology, Legends and Folklore   Isonade, an enormous, shark-like sea monster said to live off the coast of Matsuura and other places in Western Japan   Shark (MORE)
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List of characters from A handful of dust?

John Beaver Mrs.Beaver Brenda Last Tony Last Jock Grant-Menzies Reggie St. Cloud Mr.Todd Jenny Abdul Akbar Mrs.Rattery Marjorie Ben These are most of the (MORE)

What are the complete list of characters in the godfather?

    A   Genco Abbandando  Kay Adams-Corleone  Don Altobello  Anthony Stracci  Billy Van Arsdale   B   Emilio Barzini  Amerigo Bonasera  Luca Brasi   (MORE)