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In what order did the I Love Lucy Characters Die?

1. William Frawley march 3rd 1966 (collapsed of a heart attack while walking down Hollywood blvd.) 2. vivian vance agust 17 1979 (bone cancer) arnez December 2 1986 (lu (MORE)

Is prince's love symbol a Unicode character?

No it is not. According to the Unicode manual: Note, however, that the Unicode Standard does not encode idiosyncratic, personal, novel, or private-use characters, nor does i (MORE)

Why am I in love wih a cartoon character?

The reason why you are in love with this character is because, you suffer from a rare disorder known as Cartoonis Lovis. Basically, you have a love for animated charactures. T (MORE)
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What does the anime To Love-Ru mean?

To Love-Ru's title is a word play. It means "To Love You" and when  pronounced in Japanese it sounds like the word "trouble"  (to-ra-bu-ru).
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List of every Family Guy character?

It would take someone FAR too long to list them here and take you FAR too long to read that list. You should conduct an Internet search or check Wikipedia and TVRage. Those w (MORE)

Do you have a list of characters for The Prince and The Pauper book?

Character List   Edward Tudor, Prince of Wales The main character, the prince referred to in the title of the novel. Having spent his entire life in the confines of the roy (MORE)

Is there a list of immortal comic book characters?

The definition of the term immortality in comics may be debatable. For instance, some immortals seem to have died at least once but often reappear momentarily in a new revital (MORE)

What are the complete list of characters in the godfather?

    A   Genco Abbandando  Kay Adams-Corleone  Don Altobello  Anthony Stracci  Billy Van Arsdale   B   Emilio Barzini  Amerigo Bonasera  Luca Brasi   (MORE)