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What are the list of highly specialized games?

  right now on thq the highest game rated by their fan club is smack down vs. raw 2009. and for midway games tna impact. wrestling games are getting high rates because t (MORE)

What are some Filipino traditional games?

There are over forty (40) traditional Filipino games played in the  Philippines.    Among the games, the popular ones are Patintero, Tumbang Preso,  Siyato, Sipa, Pik (MORE)

List traditional meals from five different countries?

Any five countries? Ireland: corned beef or bacon with cabbage, boxty, Irish stew Spain: paella, tapas, enchiladas, jamón serrano Poland: gołąbki, pierogi, naleśniki, bars (MORE)

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List of all the scene it games?

 Movie Edition  Deluxe Movie Edition  Deluxe Sequel  Junior Edition  Music Edition  TV Edition  Harry Potter 1st Edition (2005)  Harry Potter 2nd Edition (2007)  Har (MORE)

List of features of a traditional database?

Answer Broadly speaking, a relational database is one that can be accessed by any of the datum items within the database, or things RELATED to them. For example, a telephone (MORE)