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List 2 points found in the Treaty of Paris?

There are three major points of the treaty of Paris of 1783. 1) It recognized the United States as an independent nation. 2) Britain gave all land between the Atlantic Coast (MORE)

Why is treaty called treaty of waitangi?

The Treaty of Waitangi is called the Treaty of Waitangi because it was signed at Waitangi and was also the position designated and agreed upon by Maori Authorities and New Set (MORE)

What is an expedition treaty?

  Do you mean "Extradition" treaty? This is when one country A agrees to send back to country B persons wanted for criminal prosecution by country B. For example when Gen. (MORE)

Why was the Treaty of Versailles not a good treaty?

The reason the treaty is considered a failure is because it basically caused WWII. In clause 231-A, Germany is forced to hold blame for the entire war. (even though the war st (MORE)

What is a treaty?

  Answer   a treaty is an agreement between two or more nations.
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What did the treaty of rome do?

It established the European Economic Community and Euratom, which  were important supranational agreements both economically and  politically. It laid the foundations for th (MORE)
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List the big four and their goals or intentions on the treaty of Versailles?

The Big Four at the Treaty of Versailles were David Lloyd George of  Britain, Woodrow Wilson of the United States, Georges Clemenceau of  France, and Vittorio Orlando of Ita (MORE)

What was Pickney's Treaty?

In Pickney's Treaty, the US talked to Spain and it was established  that America could use the Mississippi to ship goods and use New  Orleans as a port.
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