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Who are the United States Presidents from Texas?

Only one president was born in Texas and that was Lyndon B.  Johnson. Two other former presidents live in Texas and call it  their home, they are George H.W. Bush and George (MORE)

How was the roman Senate different from the unite states Senate?

The ancient Roman senate and the United States Senate were as different as night and day. The only thing they had in common was the name "Senate". For starters, there was the (MORE)

What is the annual salary of a Texas state Senator?

$600 per month, less than minimum wage, as provided by Article III, Section 24, of the Texas Constitution. They also receive a per diem, or a daily payment for room and board (MORE)

What is the base salary for Texas State Senator?

State legislators are paid meager salaries. Senators and  representatives alike earn only $7,200 per year, or $14,400 for a  two-year legislative period. Some may consider t (MORE)

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