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Origin of urdu language?

Urdu originated in the Delhi region of India during the Mughal Empire. It was influenced from the Persian speaking Muslim elites and traders from eastern lands, such as modern (MORE)

What is mean urdu language?

  ]1\\ The word Urdu is thought to be originally a Turkish word meaning army encampment. So it was originally ka the language of soldiers. [2] It became a language of educ (MORE)

Name of countries in urdu language?

In urdu, english names for countries are often used, like for example: Indonesia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, and so on. The reason for this is that english is one of two officia (MORE)

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What is the opposite of force in urdu language?

Not all words have opposites, and force is one of them. There is force, and then there is absence of force. There is nothing like an anti-force.
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