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What activities do video game designers do?

Game Designers have a wide range of duties that can vary from game  to game and company to company. Depending on where in a project  cycle and what type of game it is a wide (MORE)

How hard is it to design a video game?

I am currently learning how to do it, and it is pretty hard to make them! it is a problem to get the skinmesh textures perfectly aligned. And I am currently diagnosing a probl (MORE)

What do you have to study to be a video game designer?

computer programing and computer enginering.   and i think if our doing like a 3-d sandbox game,physics are handy(my friend says that).If you plan on being the one doing th (MORE)

What tasks does a video game designer have?

They have to design the visuals/ao/ audio. They create the theme, the levels, etc. In generalization; Effects. They also have to find the people to test the game and make sur (MORE)

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What are the disadvantages for video game designers?

Much of a designer's time is spent working on computers to create story plots, gaming strategies, characters and graphics, so heavy computer use can lead to fatigue. Video gam (MORE)