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List of division 1 colleges in track and field?

America East -Albany-Binghamton-Boston University-Hartford-Maine-Maryland-Baltimore-New Hampshire-Stony Brook-VermontAtlantic 10-Dayton-Duquesne-Fordham-George Washington-La (MORE)

What is Venus's namesake?

Venus is the second planet from the Sun. It was named for the Roman  goddess Venus, who was the goddess of beauty, love and fertility.
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What is the sun's namesake?

The sun has many names in many different cultures but it doesn't  actually have a proper name. Many cultures refer to it as "Sol"  which is the name of the Roman equivalent (MORE)

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Is there a list of NCAA division one mascots?

NCAA Division 1 Teams Air Force | Falcons / Akron | Zips / Alabama | Crimson Tide / Alabama A&M | Bulldogs / Alabama St. | Hornets / Albany | Great Danes / Alcorn St. | Bra (MORE)

List division 1AA colleges in Tennessee?

  Division IAA football schools in Tennessee: Austin Peay, Tennessee State, Tennessee Tech, Tennessee-Chattanooga, and Tennessee-Martin.
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List of division 2 colleges in Florida?

There are a number of division 2 colleges in Florida. These include  Eckerd College, Flagler College, Florida Southern College, Florida  Institute of Technology, Lynn Univer (MORE)

List of NCAA division 3 ice hockey schools?

          Conference  Division  Reclass Division  State  Region    Adrian College  Midwest Collegiate Hockey Association  III   MI  West Re (MORE)