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Who looks after the world heritage sites?

The United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization,  otherwise known as UNESCO, is looking after the world's heritage  sites since the foundation of the Unite (MORE)

Why is the Great Barrier Reef listed as a World Heritage site?

The reason for it being a world heritage site is because it holds so many beautiful features like fish, coral and mammals. The Great Barrier Reef is UNESCO World Heritage li (MORE)

World heritage site list?

Here is the World Heritage Site of China:   Cultural    Ancient Building Complex in the Wudang Mountains (1994)   Ancient City of Ping Yao (1997)   Ancient (MORE)

What determines whether a site qualifies for world heritage listing as a natural site or as a cultural site?

Some of the cultural criteria for a World Heritage Site include:  "represents a masterpiece of human creative genius and cultural  significance" and "is an outstanding examp (MORE)
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Why has Eiffel tower been accepted to be listed as a world heritage site?

Eiffel Tower has NOT been "accepted to be listed as a World Heritage Site". It has been listed AS A (small) PART OF the site of "Paris, Banks of the River Seine" which IN TOTA (MORE)

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