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What is a list of the thirty NHL teams?

Anaheim DucksAtlanta ThrashersBoston BruinsBuffalo SabresCalgary Flames Carolina HurricanesChicago BlackhawksColorado AvalancheColumbus Blue JacketsDallas StarsDetroit Red Wi (MORE)

List the states and the NFL teams?

AFC East New England Patriots, Boston, Massachusetts. Buffalo Bills, Buffalo, New York Miami Dolphins, Miami, Florida New York Jets, East Rutherford, New Jersey AFC N (MORE)

What does the X stand for in X-men?

The X in X men refers to the mutation that takes place in the X gene which gives mutants their special abilities! The X also coincidentally plays with the first alphabet of Pr (MORE)

List of professional basketball teams?

Western Conference - LA Lakers & Clippers, Sacromento Kings, Dallas Mavericks, San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets, Utah Jazz, Portland Trailblazers, Oklahoma City Thunder, Pho (MORE)
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What is X-Men about?

X-Men is about people born with extrordinary powers. They are called Mutants. Mutants are hated by normal humans. The X-men is a group comprised of (almost exclusively) mutant (MORE)

List of NFL Teams?

    * Arizona Cardinals   * Atlanta Falcons   * Baltimore Ravens   * Buffalo Bills   * Carolina Panthers   * Chicago Bears   (MORE)

What is the best team for X-men legends?

My best team was Iceman, Magma, Wolverine, and Jean Grey. Hope that helped! My best team was Wolverine, cyclops, storm and Jean Grey. :) well I'm stuck on level three me and (MORE)

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