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List of the Asian countries and their capitals?

Afghanistan - Kabul Armenia - Yerevan Azerbaijan - Baku Bahrain - Manama Bangladesh - Dhaka Bhutan - Thimphu Brunei - Bandar Seri Begawan Cambodia - Phnom Penh (MORE)

List of federalist countries in the world?

· Argentina · Australia · Austria · Belgium · Bosnia and Herzegovina · Brazil · Canada · Comoros · Ethiopia · Germany · India · Malaysia · Mexico · Micronesia (MORE)

List of Asian countries?

Afghanistan Armenia* Azerbaijan* Bahrain Bangladesh Bhutan Brunei Cambodia China Cyprus* Georgia* India Indonesia Iran Iraq Israel Japan Jord (MORE)

List of west African countries?

There are 16 countries that make up West Africa. They are: Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Cape Verde, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Nig (MORE)
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List of federal countries in the world?

FederalStates in which the federal government shares power with semi-independent regional governments. In many cases, the central government is (in theory) a creation of the r (MORE)

List of European countries and its capitals?

Albania Tirana Andorra Andorra la Vella Armenia Yerevan Austria Vienna Azerbaijan Baku Belarus Minsk Belgium Brussels Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo Bulgaria (MORE)

List of Muslim countries in the world?

Country Capital Currency Saudi Arabia Riyadh Saudi riyal Indonesia Jakarta Indonesian rupiah Pakistan Islamabad Pakistani rupee Bangladesh Dhaka Bangladeshi taka Nigeria A (MORE)

List of Islamic countries in Africa?

TUNISIA SOMALIA NIGER MOROCCO MAURITANIA LIBYA GUINEA GAMBIA DJIBOUTI ALGERIA are purely Muslim countries of Northern Africa. List of partially Muslim an (MORE)
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List of the cold countries in the world?

Hi have you ever researched about cold countries And you haven't got your answer then this is the web site you should be on because the coldest countries are: Norway E (MORE)