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What is the british Royal Families family name?

the UK royal family's name is Windsor (same as the castle) I 'm no expert but I believe This name was adopted beteen WW1 and WW2 when the family surname was Saxe-Coburg goeth (MORE)

What is the denomination of the British royal family?

Episcopalian or Anglican- over their Church Of England- often abbreviated C.O.E. C.O.E. in the US usually refers to the Army"s Corps of Engineers- of Canal zone fame. No, a co (MORE)

What do the british royal family actually do?

The British Royal Family are more of a 'Tourist Attraction', people from, say, American love seeing HM the Queen, because of the History. Almost all Royal Family members are s (MORE)

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Why are the british royal family so popular?

A lot of people find reassurance in continuity and survival. It tends to be other countries that admire our Royal Family, and monarchy in general, more than we do. Spain broug (MORE)

Where did the british royal family come from?

They are of German origin descended from George Ludwig (b.1660; d.1727) Elector of Hanover (from 1698). King George I of Great Britain and Ireland from 1714 until his death. T (MORE)