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What did Kane do to Lita?

Answer . Nothing - stupid storyline - kind that ruins wrestling. Answer . He didn't really do anything to her. Just a storyline, mate.. Answer . Kane usually goes t (MORE)

Who is Lita?

lita is a women who used to be a wrestler in the WWF/WWE. She is a 4 time WWF/WWE Women's Champion. And her real name is Amy Dumas. She wreslted from Febuary 2000(debut) to No (MORE)

Where is lita now?

She lives in Decatur, Georgia near Atlanta. She also has a radio show on Sundays at 9PM Eastern on Project 96.1, she also is the lead singer of the Punk Rock band The Luchagor (MORE)

Where is lita she?

In 2005 i was on vacaction at Palm Springs, she lives there, and she is doing well, and she was working selling Time Share at Palm Canyon Resort in Palm Springs, CA. She still (MORE)
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What is Litas age?

She was born on Sept. 19, 1958. In 2012. She is 54 and still fine.