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How many calories in a litchi?

Per single fruit or the portion stated Calories per fruit or portion stated Carbs (grams of carb) . Lychees 1 oz. 19 5
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How are litchi seeds dispersed?

Litchi seeds are dispersed by birds and mammals. The sweet scentedfruit pulp tempt the vectors to eat it and disperse the seeds.
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What are the acids found in Indian Litchi?

Litchis contain a lot of Protein & Amino Acids. They also give us essential fatty acids like Omega - 3 and 6 fatty acids, trans-polyenoic fatty acids, trans-monoenoic fatty ac ( Full Answer )
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What is LITCHI?

A small rounded fruit with sweet white scented flesh, a large central stone, and a thin rough skin. Also called litchi nut when dried.
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Can you eat litchi during loose motions?

You can eat litchi during loose motions or when you have loose stools. This food item is mainly pulp and can help to regulate bowel movements in adults.