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The Literary Digest misjudged the 1936 election because of?

Sampling error.    The LD had been drawing its polling sample from 2 groups:  automobile registrations and telephone subscriptions. This method  allowed them to predi (MORE)

What is a literary unit?

A literary unit is a stand alone theme in a text. Together the literary units will comprise the theme of an entire text (i.e. story, book)
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What are physical digestion and chemical digestion?

Physical digestion is, basically, "mashing." The food is ground up (by the teeth), mashed into a paste (by the stomach), and so forth. It's mixed with other foods in the proce (MORE)

How digestive juice helps in digestion?

Digestive juice, in the stomach, helps by secreting pepsin and Hydrocloric acid. The HCl creates a nice acidic environment for the pepsin, which requires a low pH to function. (MORE)

What is a literary symbol?

A symbol is a device in literature that has a hidden meaning beyond  the surface. An example of an oft-used symbol is the phrase, "a new  dawn," which does not refer to an a (MORE)

What does literary mean?

Literary is concerned with Literature. These are written things which are followed by literature guidelines or set of rules.
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