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What is English literature?

English Literature means the writings of the English-speaking peoples. A few examples of English writers of the past are Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Burns, James Joyce, Joseph C (MORE)

What is local literature?

Local literature is literature from a certain area. So, for  instance, if you were Quebec in Canada, you might want to read  local literature by some French Canadian authors (MORE)

What is imaginative literature?

Imaginative - using or showing imagination; having creative powers Literature - production of writing; profession of author Imaginative literature therefore would be showing i (MORE)

What is literature of knowledge and literature of power?

"The Literature of Knowledge and the Literature of Power" is the title of an 1848 essay by Thomas de Quincey, a 19th century British author best known for "Confessions of an E (MORE)

What is microcosm in literature?

Microcosm is a small unit whose actions / behaviors resemble that of a larger group. For example a small model of the Milky Way would be a microcosm for the Milky Way itself.
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How do you study literature?

Here are some good tips:    Read the entire work first, without doing anything more than just  enjoying the story. Then go back over the work and ask yourself the  fo (MORE)

Why is literature important?

Literature is important because we use it in everyday life. People  who like to write and speak must know literature. Literature is  more then just reading. It has to do wit (MORE)

What is militancy in literature?

In literature there may often occur situations of aggressively active persons engaging in verbal combats and feuds such as in the matter of differing political view points. Th (MORE)