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What is lithification in geology?

Lithification is the natural creation of sedimentary rock throughthe processes of compaction and cementation of sediments. Thecompaction usually occurs as a result of the crus (MORE)

What happens during lithification?

During early deposition (assuming a sediment), the sediment will de-water, and many of the clay particles will flatten. As / (if) the mass of sediment becomes more buried, i (MORE)
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What is deposition and lithification?

Deposition is the process in which sediment is laid down. Lithification is the process in which sediment is compacted together to form a sedimentary rock.

What is the difference between diagenesis and lithification?

Lithification is simply conversion of lose sediments into a solid rock due to pressure. Digenesis is the process that sediments go through after deposition. It includes all (MORE)