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What is a litigation document?

That's a general "catch-all" title that refer loosely to ANY document entered into a case and used in court.
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What is litigation?

Litigation is what goes on in a trial. Litigation is the arguing ofpre-trial motions, using the right evidence, and persuading thejury.
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What is commercial litigation?

Commercial litigation is in general any type of legal controversy related to business issues . Cases that fall under the heading of Commercial Litigation include: . ( Full Answer )
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What is a litigator?

\nAn attorney who does trial work. A litigator, to define one simply, is a lawyer. This lawyer specializes in contesting criminal and civil litigations and represents defenda ( Full Answer )
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What does a litigators do?

A litigator is a lawyer who fights a lawsuit on behalf of his or her client in the court of law. A litigator represents the plaintiff or the petitioner and the defender in a c ( Full Answer )
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Who are litigants?

Judging by the people appearing on Judge Sheindlin's television show, "Judge Judy," litigants are the dregs of society, offscourings of society, one-percenters, rabble, riffra ( Full Answer )
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What does litigal mean?

Litigal as in litigate or litigation. Pertaining to or the subject of legal matters.
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What are litigation attorneys?

Litigation attorneys are lawyers who carry out lawsuits in the court. A lawsuit can be filed to resolve legal disputes between individuals, business entities, or non-profit or ( Full Answer )
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What is pending litigation?

"Pending litigation" would usually refer to a civil lawsuit brought by a citizen or group of citizens against another person or group of persons. However, it could also refer ( Full Answer )
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Who is a litigation friend?

A litigation friend is a person who represents another in a court case if they are unable or unfit to do so themselves. Mainly this applies to civil cases in which minors are ( Full Answer )