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Cm3 in litres?

1000 cm³ = 1 Litre. So to concert cm³ to Litres you divide by 1000. And to convert Litres into cm³ you multiply by 1000. Example: If you have 3000 cm³, how many (MORE)

Litres to kilograms?

A litre is a measurement of volume. A kilogram is a measurement of weight. In the metric system a thousand grams of water (1 kilogram) is one litre. Any other substance will d (MORE)
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Millilitres to litres?

1000 millilitres (1000mL) = 1 litre (1L) . To convert millilitres to litres, divide by 1000. . To convert litres to millilitres, multiply by 1000.

How many litres in one cubic litre?

A cubic unit is a volume formed by making a cube one unit of length per side. A "cubic litre" doesn't make any sense since it is not a length. A litre (or liter) is a unit of (MORE)
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How do you spell litre?

There are some differences between American English and British English. This is one such example. In Britain it is litre, in the United States they spell it liter. So both sp (MORE)

Is a litre of sand heavier than a litre of water?

This question concerns the density (that is, the mass per unit-volume) of water vs sand. Pure water is a precise substance, the density of which is, by definition, 1000kg/m (MORE)