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How is littering harmful?

littering is very very bad! it can harm our enviorment which means humans,animals,plants but most of all our planet EARTH! when people litter they are throwing garbage/t (MORE)

Do cats have to have a litter?

No, they do not. This is a very old myth that cats and dogs must have one litter before being spayed. Having a litter is incredibly stressful for the mother cat, and can also (MORE)

Can you get fined for littering?

Yes, in a alot of countries you can get fined, arrested etc. It all depends on the country and laws. In the UK the maximum penalty is £2500. There are also "on the spot" fin (MORE)

What is litter pollution?

Litter Pollution is any piece of trash that become polluted and harms abiotic and biotic factors in earths ecosystems.

Is littering a sin?

  As this earth does not belong to man but to God, then yes it is a sin to litter something that he has commanded us to take care of for Him.
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What does litter do?

    What it means-   Litter- Trash on the ground ouside.     Litter does 5 things-     -Makes the world look ugly   -Kills animals   -Harmful to (MORE)

What can littering cause?

Littering causes disease because it creates breeding grounds for  germs. When germs come into contact with food or hands, they cause  ill health. Besides, when litter is was (MORE)

What is a Stokes litter?

A particular design of rescue basket or litter that is easy to dismantle and re-erect and so is very portable and highly suitable for use by rescue services.   For more i (MORE)

What are canvas litters?

  Depending on the context of the question, you may be speaking about a piece of canvas secured to two rods or poles and used as a medical stretcher to carry the sick, wou (MORE)

What is a dogs litter?

a dog litter is a group of dogs that were born together. for example, if a dog named Marly mated with a dog named Bob and had kids, the group of kids they had would be called (MORE)