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What is a litter?

\nConsidering the category of your question, a litter is the offspring produced at one birth by a multiparous mammal.

What does litter do?

\n. \nWhat it means-\nLitter- Trash on the ground ouside.\n. \nLitter does 5 things-\n. \n-Makes the world look ugly\n-Kills animals\n-Harmful to the Earth. For example! Pl (MORE)

What is littering?

Littering: The disposal of solid waste by dropping on the ground or into streams. Walt Disney designed his theme parks so that there was a trash bin every 12 meters. This w (MORE)

What can littering cause?

Littering causes disease because it creates breeding grounds forgerms. When germs come into contact with food or hands, they causeill health. Besides, when litter is washed do (MORE)

What is litter?

It is garbage and discarded items that people have dropped on the ground instead of putting the litter in a garbage container.