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What is a litter?

  Considering the category of your question, a litter is the offspring produced at one birth by a multiparous mammal.
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What does litter do?

    What it means-   Litter- Trash on the ground ouside.     Litter does 5 things-     -Makes the world look ugly   -Kills animals   -Harmful to (MORE)

What is littering?

Littering: The disposal of solid waste by dropping on the ground or into streams. Walt Disney designed his theme parks so that there was a trash bin every 12 meters. This wa (MORE)

What is litter?

It is garbage and discarded items that people have dropped on the ground instead of putting the litter in a garbage container.
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Why not to litter?

Littering causes many negative things! Littering makes the world a smelly, ugly place full of dirty trash. Littering pollutes lakes. This means..... 3% of the Worlds water (MORE)