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Did roger Whitaker sing little boxes?

I believe so: I'm only operating from the unreliable memory of a 6  year old, but he sang it on the BBC show Whistle Stop on a Friday  in March or April 1968. The next after (MORE)
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What are those little black boxes that Jews wear on their head?

Tefillin (phylacteries). These have their source in Deuteronomy ch.6 and are worn during the morning prayers. Their purpose is to symbolically bind us to God and to remind us (MORE)

Who sang the song Little Boxes?

Malvina Reynolds, songwriter, singer and poet, wrote the song back in 1962. Many other artists have sung their versions of it. The list includes: Pete Seeger, Elvis Costello a (MORE)

What are the little tables in the pizza box for?

The 'table' is to keep the middle of the box from collapsing and coming into contact with the pizza. Whilst widely considered to be a strong, dependable item, it has been pro (MORE)

What was Psyche supposed to put in the little box to take to the underworld?

The box was empty when Psyche left for the underworld. She was supposed to have Proserpina, the Queen of the Underworld, place a bit of Psyche's beauty in the box. When Psyche (MORE)

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