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What caused the fall of the song dynasty?

The Song Dynasty was defeated both internally and externally. There  was conflict and divisiveness at court. This weakened the dynasty  to the point that it was defeated by (MORE)

How long did the the Song dynasty last?

678 years, I think. 678 years, I think. it lasted from 960-1279 C.- not good with time periods but i checked in history book and said that. . Bruce j10 or known as kyle.
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Is it true the Liu Bang a former peasant founded the Han dynasty in 202 b.c?

Yes, it is.But the time is 206 B.C,not 202B.C. Liu Bang was a common people, but I don't think he is a peasant.Maybe he used to be a peasant. But when he led the Peasant upris (MORE)

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