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What do you live for?

I live for my passion: Art. . You live for whatever you think is important and what/who you love, I live for love and happiness. . I live for love...the love p ( Full Answer )
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What is a living will?

GoodSam . A living will provides a hospital or doctors with information that the patient wants them to know in the event that the patient is unable to answer for themselves ( Full Answer )
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How can you live?

Just let God Bless your life, and you'll see another day. Yeah, and eat and drink and stay healthy
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Where will you live?

If you're a minor (under 18) then you should be living with a parent or legally appointed gardian.
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Where does he live at?

ANSWER: He lives either in a house, an apartment, a rooming house, or in a cardboard box under a bridge. That is unless the 'he' you are referring to is "HE' aka God which wou ( Full Answer )
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Were do you live at?

I live in KIRWOOD. Do you? no i live in DetroitMi nope i live in Mexico
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What for do you live?

Answer For experience. For evolution. For love. to know what is God. to know what is Evil. and to choose. Answer I live because I was born with an innate drive ( Full Answer )
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Where the do you live?

hey nobodies stupid enough 2 answer that so don't bother trying who ever asked this u are an idiot
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What is a living will-?

The official definition for a living will is "a written statementdetailing a person's desires regarding their medical treatment incircumstances in which they are no longer abl ( Full Answer )
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Were i live?

It should be, "Where do I live?" Alas, we have no idea where youlive, as we don't know anything about you.