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Who is Beyond Birthday in Death Note?

Beyond Birthday (aka BB) is a maniacal killer who is not in the original Death Note. He is introduced in Death Note: Another Note, the Los Angeles BB Murder Cases (a prequel (MORE)

What are the viola notes for happy birthday?

DD- E- D- G- F sharp(half note: hold for two beats)- DD- E- D- A  (four fingers on D string)- G(half note: hold for two)- DD- high D  (on A string)- B- G- F sharp- E(half no (MORE)

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What are the happy birthday notes on a recorder?

Well I was learning "Happy Birthday" for my dads birthday and I found out the notes are: (low) DD E D G F#, DD E D A G, DD (HighD) B G F# E----, CC B G A G D D E D G F#, D (MORE)