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How do you boot from a Live CD on a non-Mac computer?

  Answer   If by non-Mac, you mean PC, the process is not overly difficult. On most newer computers, you should be able to put the CD in the CD-ROM drive on the front (MORE)
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Does CD have a magnet on it?

Most CD players use electromagnetic switches called relays. Have you ever turned on the power on your CD player or another appliance, and heard a click immediately before it w (MORE)

How does a CD work?

Compact discs (CD) are read from the inside out ... About an inch of the The inner radius of a compact discs is used for clamping and is used to identify the manufacturer ... (MORE)

How do you replicate a CD?

There are different ways to replicate a CD. One way is to load the content of the disc onto a music program on your computer. (iTunes, Windows Media Player, Matchbox, Java, et (MORE)
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Is a CD waterproof?

CD's are made from polycarbonate plastic and usually coated with aluminum, while they will not absorb water, if they get wet I would recommend to thoroughly let it air dry bef (MORE)

Is CD the same as CD-R?

  No. CD-R will play the same on systems today but it's not the same and will not play in pre CD-R systems (like say a 1988 CD player).
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What are the pro and cons of using Live CD?

Pros and cons of using a live CD are: Pros:Check to see if your computer hardware is compatible with that distribution of Linux, Restoring a failed install of Linux, Seeing (MORE)

What does the command CD do?

CD stands for "change directory". For instance, if you are in the directory of c:\\files\\ and you want to navigate to a folder within the "files" directory called "documents (MORE)

How do you unformat a CD?

You can't. It's a one way ticket. Just delete everything on it and re-use the cd. I'm kinda glad and disappointed at the same time. I'm glad that I won't need to re-format it (MORE)