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During wartime battles where do the soldiers operating the tanks use the restroom?

You got out and went in the woods like everybody else.    I have read of extreme cases where tankers were in action or under fire for prolonged periods, and the crew wo (MORE)

In the US freedom of of the press to report on certain matters may be restricted during wartime why?

In the interests of national security. There are two issues here. The first is that the government may request that the press not report certain matters. If they go ahead (MORE)

What were the general living conditions in wartime Holland?

Absolutely awful. The Nazis requisitioned or outright stole goods.  Anyone could be arrested for any reason and deported to camps.
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Is it legitimate to hold people accountable for crimes committed during wartime?

Of course it is. Many of the horrible things that happen directly as a result of war, and participation in war, are not crimes. There are guidelines and understandings about w (MORE)

The government is justified in suppressing civil liberties during wartime?

This question has troubled humans since the Antiquity. Governments say yes, but citizens say no. At the end of the day, I believe that in wartime situations, certain civil lib (MORE)

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