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What is lividity?

First, Lividity is a Pornogrind band from Illinois. 2nd, . 1. . furious: very angry. 2. . with bluish bruised color: bluish or discolored as a result of bruising. 3. . (MORE)

How do you use the word livid in a sentence?

(Livid means either discolored, as from bruising, or flushed, as in anger.) There was a large, livid mark on her arm from her fall onto the stone floor. The referee mis (MORE)
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What is livor mortis and lividity?

Livor Mortis and Lividity are one in the same, they are the collection of coagulated blood in an area. Livor mortis can help coroners or forensics specialist estimate how long (MORE)

What is a sentence using the word livid?

The principal was livid with rage over the newspaper story about the school. The racer crashed his motorcycle, and the next day had several livid bruises on his right arm.
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What rhymes with livid?

im so livid that my words are vivid to the imagination so change the station
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Livor Mortis or lividity?

Livor mortis or postmortem lividity or hypostasis (Latin : livor ---bluish color, mortis ---of death), one of the signs of death, is a settling of the blood in the low (MORE)
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What does a livid puce mean?

The adjective 'livid' means "having a dark inflamed tinge" The adjective 'puce' means "of a dark red or purple-brown color" So, a livid puce is an inflamed dark red, or a (MORE)

How do you calm someone down who is livid with their job?

Talk with their supervisor and try to make for a better working environment...there may be many factors, so if it entails the job description and not co-workers, then it shoul (MORE)