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What are all the songs in the musical seussical JR?

Overture; Oh, the Things you can think; horton hears a who; biggest blame fool; biggest blame fool playoff/Gertrude McFuzz; here on who; meet jojo the who; how t (MORE)

What are the theme songs for all CSI shows?

  The original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation series theme song is "Who Are You" performed by The Who.   CSI: Miami theme song is "Won't Get Fooled Again" also performe (MORE)
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Who sings all the songs in the musical 'Wicked'?

The following is the list of songs and the characters who sing them in the musical "Wicked": "No One Mourns the Wicked": Elphaba's parents, Elphaba's midwife, Glinda; "De (MORE)
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What are all the songs in Annie the Musical?

MaybeIt's the Hard-Knock LifeWe'd Like to Thank YouLittle GirlsI Think I'm Gonna Like It HereN.Y.C.Easy StreetYou Won't Be An Orphan For LongYou're Never Fully Dressed Without (MORE)

Who is the girl that stars in the band All That Remains new music video for the song The Last Time?

The Video was filmed in Chicago IL in 2011 and stars Musician Joe Reckley as the angel, Actress Nicole Votta as the girl friend in a sad tale of love gone wrong. It was direct (MORE)

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