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Do lizards have ears?

Yes, lizards have ears. But from what I know, most lizards only have interior ears (no floppy things on the outside, just holes in their head).
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How does a lizard behave?

That would depend on the species of lizard, itas age and the time  of year.
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What domain is a lizard?

The lizard is a reptile, and all reptiles belong to the taxonomic  domain of Eukarya.  Eukarya covers all organisms in the Kingdom Animalia, as well as  the Kingdoms Planta (MORE)
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What features does a lizard have?

To begin with, lizards are reptiles. Like all reptiles, they share the following features: . They are vertebrates. . They have dry, scaly skin. . They are cold-blooded, (MORE)

Where can you get a lizard?

You can get them at pet stores, breeders, and you can catch them if you live down south. If you are looking for a big lizard you might want to try a breeder.

Is a lizard a consumer?

Yes it is, because a consumer eats other plants and animals, unlike producers which produce their own source of food or decomposers which break down dead organisms.
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Why are lizards endangered?

Not all lizards are endangered, but many species of lizard are. They are listed as endangered by the IUCN Red List, and the US Fish and Wildlife Services Endangered Species Li (MORE)
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Why is the tuatara not a lizard?

The main differences between tuatara and lizards which excludetuatara from the lizard family are: Tuatara have a membranous third eyelid, which is not present inlizards. Li (MORE)