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How many miles from Birmingham to llangollen?

70 miles taking this route: . Take M6 to The NORTH WEST, from Birmingham, to M54 NORTH (& MID) WALES at J10A. . Take M54 to A5 NORTH WALES to SHREWSBURY at the END of the m (MORE)
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Has llangollen eisteddfod got animals?

Not as a rule- it's a cultural event rather than an agricultural show, although pony rides and things like sheep-shearing demonstrations may be available to the public.
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Why is Llangollen important to wales?

Llangollen holds the only international musical eisteddfod in the world, It has a population of around 4,000 and yet attracts millions of international and national tourists p (MORE)
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What types of rooms are available at Llangollen hotels?

Llangollen Hotels Group is no longer in operation, it went into Administration in 2011 and the hotels were sold off. The former Llangollen Hotel The Wild Pheasant has double, (MORE)