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How do you get a loan?

Usually talking to your bank is a good idea if you need to buysomething large. You could ask a family member for something small. If you have a credit card it is pretty much (MORE)
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What is loan?

Loan is an amount of money advanced to a borrower, to be repaid at a later date, usually with interest. legally, a loan is a contrat between a buyer (the borrower) and a selle (MORE)
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What is a loan?

Answer 1 . When you have something and you give it to someone else to use for a time, you are 'loaning' it to them. Thus 'a loan' is the term used to describe an amount (MORE)
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Why do you get a loan?

The purpose of getting a loan is when you need something but currently lack the funds to purchase. If you get approved for a loan, the bank gives you the money and you agree t (MORE)
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How can you get loans?

Getting a loan should qualify for the requirements of the bank. Youshould be a good payer if you pay your bills on time. You shouldhave reference person that know you so that (MORE)
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Where do you get a loan?

You first step should be research. You need to find the best timewhen the lenders offer loans at a much cheaper interest rate. Youneed to conduct a comparative study among all (MORE)
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Where can you get a loan?

The quickest route is to look online - but be careful. Make sureyou use legitimate companies that are authorised to operate. Thiscan be easier said than done however. If in do (MORE)
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Where to get a loan?

Before getting a loan a lot of things are to be considered.Previously people was not so busy and they directly had go to bankand apply for loan. Nowadays, people are busy and (MORE)
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How do you get an loan?

Getting a loan is easier nowadays. So many banks and financialservices available which help the people to get a loan without anyhassle. Some of things required for acquiring (MORE)
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What can you do with a loan?

Spend the money on whatever you want, but you will have to pay all of it back, it doesn't matter what you spend the money on; i recommend paying off bills or tuition or any ot (MORE)