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What is outside lobbying?

Outside Lobbying is Grassroots Lobbying basically it is Activities directed at the general public to raise awareness and interest and to pressure officials. In appealing direc (MORE)

What is Corporate Lobbying?

  Answer   corperate lobbying is what the corporations and firms in the country try to take action and influence the government in some way in order to get interest (MORE)

What is inside lobbying?

Appealing directly to lawmakers and legislative staff either in meetings, by providing research and information, or by testifying at committee hearings.

Is lobbying good or bad or both?

LobbyingLobbying has its advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, it is designed to help special-interest groups (which may be a group of a certain religion, belief, industr (MORE)

What are the methods of lobbying?

Direct methods of lobbying include face to face meetings, phone  calls, or less formal dinners and cocktail parties. Sending  letters, using social media campaigns, placing (MORE)

Why are there regulations to lobbying?

If there were no limits to lobbying, a company or person could bribe a member of Congress to vote in favor of legislation that benefits them, even if it harms the rest of the (MORE)