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What is diagnostic lobectomy?

A diagnostic lobectomy is a term sometimes used to refer to a Thyroid lobectomy in which half of the nodule-containing thyroid gland is removed. The term "diagnostic lobectomy (MORE)
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How is a lobectomy performed?

To perform a lobectomy, the surgeon makes an incision (thoracotomy ) between the ribs to expose the lung
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Why is a lobectomy done?

Lobectomies are performed to prevent the spread of cancer to other parts of the lung or other parts of the body,
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What is the purpose of the medical procedure lobectomy?

A surgical procedure performed to remove one of the lobes of the lungs. The procedure may be performed when an abnormality has been detected in the lung. A lobe of the lung ma (MORE)
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How do you code lobectomy?

A lobectomy is a procedure in which a full lobe of one's lung is removed in order to stop lung cancer from spreading. If one were to go through such procedure, the code for th (MORE)