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What is a lobotomy?

It was a surgical procedure carried out on the front part of the brain. the doctor would take an ice-pick like tool, put it through the eye socket, then swing it back and fort (MORE)
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How do you perform a lobotomy?

    This information is for educational purposes only. Even by a doctor or surgeon the procedure is typically against Federal Law to conduct.     You first want (MORE)

Is lobotomy legal?

Absolutely, although they are no Longer common practice. in cases where patients have extreme depression or anxiety disorders and the current curriculum of treatment is not ef (MORE)

What is a brain lobotomy?

A lobotomy is a type of neurosurgery where the anterior region of the frontal lobe of the brain is completely removed. The more common form of a lobotomy is the Transorbital L (MORE)

Why is a lobotomy performed?

I don't think it's preformed any more, but it used to be preformed on patients in the psychiatric ward as a possible treatment for those who could not be rehabilitated by any (MORE)
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What happens to you after having a lobotomy?

Lobotomy patients generally lose the ability to do goal-oriented  activities or make plans for the future. They are very  stimulus-based and get easily distracted.
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What is lobotomy vertical cross section?

They were performing a prefrontal lobotomy through the perioccular orbit. In this procedure an ice-pick like tool is inserted into the brain and moved around to "disrupt" the (MORE)