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What does Lockdown mean?

  Lockdown means to literally "Lock Down" a facility such as a correctional facility (jails), Young Offender home, hospital or psychiatric facility for instance(s) - every (MORE)

What is the aftermath of a prison lockdown?

The cause of the whole lockdown may begin with somebody attempting to escape, a missing person, riot, death of an inmate, or a fight. But in the end everyone is obligated to s (MORE)

How does the play Lockdown by Douglas Craven end?

Nobody really knows. It ends as a cliffhanger. In the end of the play, the shadowy man in the hallway finally knocks on the door after the hallway lights cut off. The students (MORE)
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What to do if you need to go to the bathroom during a lockdown?

Most possibly most classrooms have a toilet bucket so go in the bucket. Boys and girls would be embarrassed because you'd have to in front of boys and girls. Why its embarrass (MORE)