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What does Lockdown mean?

Lockdown means to literally "Lock Down" a facility such as a correctional facility (jails), Young Offender home, hospital or psychiatric facility for instance(s) - everyone th (MORE)

What is a prison lockdown?

A "Lockdown" is where all prisoners are locked in their rooms or whatever room they happen to be in at the time. This is used during times that the officials need to command t (MORE)

What does lockdown mean for a parolee?

"Lockdown" is a prison term generally meaning confinement for the entire facility for all inmates in their cell, room, cubicle,or bunk. It is a means of control used by prison (MORE)

In transformers animated how big is Lockdown?

Bigger than Bumblebee (WAY bigger) shorter than Omega Supreme (WAY shorter) and head and shoulders above Ratchet....a head shorter than Headmaster Bulkhead. Does that help?
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Did culbreth have a lockdown?

we had a lockdown in ou first semester., two boys brought in a weapon to school and another was involved. One had a cap gun and another with a bb gun. That's all I know. But t (MORE)
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What is client lockdown in citrix?

'client lockdown' would be the process of securing an endpoint sothat the local user could only access authorised features
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Who stared in the Lockdown film of 2000?

There was no movie called 'Lockdown' in 2000. Though one with a similar title, named 'Locked Down' starred Tony Schiena, Vinnie Jones and Dwier Brown.
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