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What does Lockdown mean?

Lockdown means to literally "Lock Down" a facility such as a correctional facility (jails), Young Offender home, hospital or psychiatric facility for instance(s) - everyone th (MORE)

What is a prison lockdown?

A "Lockdown" is where all prisoners are locked in their rooms or whatever room they happen to be in at the time. This is used during times that the officials need to command t (MORE)

What does lockdown mean for a parolee?

"Lockdown" is a prison term generally meaning confinement for the entire facility for all inmates in their cell, room, cubicle,or bunk. It is a means of control used by prison (MORE)
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Did culbreth have a lockdown?

we had a lockdown in ou first semester., two boys brought in a weapon to school and another was involved. One had a cap gun and another with a bb gun. That's all I know. But t (MORE)
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Who stared in the Lockdown film of 2000?

There was no movie called 'Lockdown' in 2000. Though one with a similar title, named 'Locked Down' starred Tony Schiena, Vinnie Jones and Dwier Brown.