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What are the roles of logistics?

Logistics, by definition is coordinating complex operations  involved in the moving of people, equipment, and supplies. It is  very important in our daily lives. During Worl (MORE)

What is logistic management?

Logistics management is the planning and scheduling of transport operations through proper fleet management, with effective inventory control system that manages the flow of r (MORE)

Is there abbreviation for logistics?

The word 'logistics' is not commonly abbreviated, but I have occasionally seen it as either 'LO' or 'Log'. CILT is the abbreviation for the 'Chartered Institute of Logistics a (MORE)

What is logistics?

Logistics is the process/chain management of transport/flow and the  storage of goods and services from its origin to its consumption.   The management of resources and t (MORE)

What are Marketing Logistics?

  Marketing logistics are basically the physical distribution of goods. Marketing logistics involve planning, delivering, and controlling the flow of physical goods to a m (MORE)

What is a logistics audit?

A freight logistics audit will generally cover both inbound and outbound transportation as well as other logistics related activities such as stock management, warehousing or (MORE)

What is the plural of logistic?

The word 'logistic' is an adjective. Adjectives do not have plural forms. The noun form is logistics, an uncountable (mass) noun, a plural form that has no singular form. Th (MORE)
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What does the suffix -logist?

indicating a person skilled or involved in a branch of study denoted by a noun ending in -logy (such as biologist corresponding to biology).