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What is logos in literature?

The term "logos" in relation to literature refers to the logical  organization of a persuasion or argument. Logos is accompanied by  "ethos" (reputation) and "pathos" (feeli (MORE)

How did abercrombie get there logo?

The Abercrombie Moose is the logo for Abercrombie and Fitch. The logo was created to showcase the spirit of abercrombie and the outdoor appeal of their clothes.The Abercrombi (MORE)
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How do you annotate logos?

Write about the target audience, the material, colours, font size, font name, the size. Anything in particular, and you have to be precise.
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What does logo mean?

It means a picture used to represent a brand like if you search the  "adidas logo" in google images then you will see the lines above  the represents a mountain.   The o (MORE)
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How do you create a logo?

Now there are many free services to quickly create a logo, for example When creating a logo, remember to follow five simple principles: 1. A Logo should be simpl (MORE)
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Why do companies have logos?

A business logo is an emblem commonly used by corporations to promote instant public recognition. Nowadays, comapny logo shirts are gaining popularity since they serve as the (MORE)