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When a butterfly enter your house?

A few days before we buried our mother, my brother told me that I would see her again maybe a butterfly...about 2 weeks later I was standing in my kitchen and a large butterfl (MORE)

What does a butterfly in your house mean?

Some say that a butterfly in your house means that you'll have a  fleeting moment of happiness. It could also mean that the butterfly  is attracted to some sweet smelling fr (MORE)

What were the houses of London like in 1843?

That would depend on how wealthy you were. If you were comparatively rich you would probably have lived in a very elegant house but if you were poor you would probably have li (MORE)

Can you keep a butterfly in your house?

You CAN keep a butterfly in your house, but since the lifespan of a butterfly can vary (the most common being only a about a week or two), you could, but it is unusual and a b (MORE)

What is a recipe for the London Fog cocktail served in the London House?

 Answer   I found a few recipes:     London Fog Cocktail     1 1/2 ounces gin     1/4 Pernod     Frapp� with shaved ice; serve in chille (MORE)

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