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Where are the London docklands?

The London Docklands used to be an important dock for sugar and rum from the west indies. They are situated in the East of London and are now a major financial centre compleme (MORE)
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Why did the London Docklands decline?

In the 1980's, the docklands declined due to ships becoming too large for the shallow waters of the docklands. As a result, ships moved down the coast to Tilbury. As a result (MORE)

How do you get from heathrow to docklands?

If you don't mind, I will direct you to Canary Wharf. Take a Piccadilly Line train to Green Park and change for the Jubilee Line to Canary Wharf. If you have a lot of luggag (MORE)
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If the city of London is not London then where is London?

The City of London is the name of an area of London, where the stock markets are etc. London is a city, but the actual "City of London" is an area between East and Central Lon (MORE)
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What was the London docklands used for?

They were the shipping terminals of the Port of London Authority. Modern ships are too large to berth there now so the area has been transformed in the last 30 years into resi (MORE)

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What does London not have?

London is more for sight-seeing and being a tourist. There are lots  and lots of cafe's and restaurants as well, but there is not much  for teens. For children, there's a zo (MORE)