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What is a Madrigal Wheel?

  It is a wheel of Madrigal cheese. Madrigal cheese is the French 'Swiss cheese', a smooth French cheese with holes. It is made from whole milk and has a sweet, nutty ta (MORE)

How did madrigal cycles anticipate opera?

 Some Madrigals were miniature dramas, using contrasting groups of  voices to emulate dialogue between characters. Also, some composers  would group madrigals together to (MORE)
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What is madrigalism When did it become popular in music history?

Madrigalisms are devices used in madrigals to enhance or portray the text. They can also be referred to as text paintings or imitations. For example, if a word in the text tal (MORE)

What is difference between motet and madrigal?

Madrigals and Motets were both big in the 13th century. The word motet comes from the french word "mot" which means "word" It is a choral piece "with words" Actually motets an (MORE)

What is Madrigalism?

Madrigalism was the common Renaissance practice of using "word painting" (altering mood or tone) in madrigals, a musical form where the accompaniment is designed to highlight (MORE)

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