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How old is lonesome george?

The Galapagos islands consist of many different islands. The Pinta island is home to the last surviving Pinta giant tortoise named "Lonesome George." One of the reasons all of (MORE)

What Latin phrase was in 'Lonesome Dove'?

The Latin phrase Uva uvam viviendo varia fit was in the novel 'Lonesome Dove'. It means 'A cluster of grapes becomes a different cluster of grapes through living'. In the wo (MORE)

What is the setting in Lonesome Dove the book?

Lonesome Dove is loosely based on the true story of Charles Goodnight and Oliver Loving's cattle drive from Texas to Montana (they founded the famous Goodnight-Loving Trail). (MORE)

Do cats get lonesome?

Yes, cats will get lonesome if you are not at home and there is not another cat or something to accompany them.
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