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Is iced tea a homogeneous mixture?

Yes. This question was on my chemistry exam. Iced tea with lemon, sugar and ice is an example of a HOMOGENOUS mixture (not a heterogeneous mixture or compound).
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How long does Iced tea stay fresh?

Most people would say 1 to 5 days. If the tea is sweetened, then it will be close to 2 days before it does not taste fresh. If the tea is unsweetened, it is said to last a day (MORE)

Is tea the solute in a glass of ice tea?

No, tea is the solvent in a glass of iced tea. Sugar (if you add some) is the solute in the glass of iced tea.
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Is tea the solute in iced tea?

No, in iced tea the tea is the solvent (the more abundant substance) and the sugar (if you add the some) is the solute (the less abundant substance).  Hope this helps:) Leolo (MORE)
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