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What is a longitude?

A longitude is an angle. It is the angle, measured east or west along the. spherical surface of the Earth, between the Prime Meridian and the place . described by that longi (MORE)

How do you get your latitude and longitude?

The latitudinal lines run east-west across the globe, whereas the longitudinal lines run north-south across the globe. For more accurate latitudes and longitudes, you can spli (MORE)

What does longitude do?

It tells you how far east or west you are from an imaginary line that runs from the north pole to the south pole and that passes through Greenwich, near London, England. You g (MORE)

Why are longitude and longitude are on the map?

For the same reason there are numbers on the front doors of houses. The system of latitude and longitude angles gives every point on Earth an 'address' of two numbers. Th (MORE)